The Pathway

Piece description from the artist

The inspiration for this piece came from my recent trip back home to Jamaica. I had returned home because my grandmother passed and we were in town for services and to celebrate her life. When I looked up in the sky I happened to see the clouds and it made me think about the gift of life itself. Photography is one of the ways I deal with grief and it often brings inspiration to know that life is a journey and a gift. I am a classically trained artist and for me composing a shot that tells a story is often what I lean on when considering what to shoot. For anyone that sees this I want them to take away that no matter what life throws at us, it is up to us to make ourselves happy.

Other works by Jan Morris

About Jan Morris

Georgetown, TX

Jan Leigh Morris aka J.L. is an artist, a creative professional. He has a passion for many forms of art; he has created films, documentaries, photography graphics, websites, and traditional art. After years of soul searching Jan has come to the realization that he can't simply label himself as merely a "photographer" or "artist”, He loves being creative and whatever he is in the mood for is what he does.

Jan spent his early childhood in Jamaica W.I. where he learned a lot. After graduating from Hunter College in New York he moved to Minnesota and began to freelance on projects, last year he co- founded 4951 Films LLC where he continues to work. Thanks for stopping by- Jan's one wish is that his work inspires you, that it makes you think, that it makes you smile.

You can connect with him and learn more about his current projects by visiting : or on

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