The other venice

The Other Venice

Piece description from the artist

While taking a gondola ride in Venice and taking in the history, the architecture, and the overall beauty of the city, I noticed this one view that was atypical, at least for the tourist's eyes. It brought home the reality that life is not always beautiful, or as this picture depicts that the most typical things can be beautiful.

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About Richard Hassinger

Newton, MA

Rich Hassinger developed a love of photography while at college. For him, photography is a way to share his expression of the richness our visual world offers. He enjoys capturing images as he encounters them – reacting to the uniqueness of his surroundings, the vividness of colors, of light, of forms and patterns, and the varying moods these collectively evoke. Such encounters might result in an image of a landscape, a city scene, a close-up, or an abstract.

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