The offering

The Offering

Piece description from the artist

A nurse stands amidst chaos, holding a silver platter with the world cut in half and melting into a green slurry. A decayed diner and dead wildlife lie in the background. She is standing in a ring of fiery embers. Industrial sky ships lurk in the sky with fiery tentacles that set the ground on fire. A modern commentary on the exhausting effects technology and industry have on the environment.

Other works by Ricardo Cisneros

About Ricardo Cisneros

Palmdale, CA

Born and raised in southern Los Angeles, Ricardo Cisneros' work deals with contemporary issues facing minorities. Each piece presents a narrative that covers a social or political topic of debate. Within each representation is a twisted and emotional journey that challenges commonly held notions of what it means to be human. Ricardo conceives each painting from an emotional experience: love, heartbreak, discrimination, poverty etc. From it, he develops a suitable environment; mood and atmosphere play a key factor in his work. In order to achieve the appropriate setting, he uses a very selective color palette and chiaroscuro. Elements of pop art also play crucial role.

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