The grand canyon 3

The Grand Canyon 3

Piece description from the artist

The Awe Inspiring Grand Canyon. Like most of my work, this piece was captured using a gigapixel imaging system which is a computer controlled tripod that takes many tiles of the scene and is then put together in software. This allows for an extremely high definition picture which exhibits no distortion at the fringes of the lens and can be enlarged to huge sizes with no loss in detail.

Other works by Philip Crawshay

About Philip Crawshay

Sarasota, FL

Phil started his career in high end computer graphics and animation which is where is extreme attention to detail came from. He specializes in creating enormous photographic landscapes using a gigapixel camera imaging system. This results in an image that suffers no lens distortion and can be printed at extremely large sizes with no loss in detail or clarity. His customers have said it is like looking out of a window.

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