The gladiator

The Gladiator

Piece description from the artist

This graphic, colorful piece is representative of Stramiello's signature style; fun, accessible, and vibrant..

Other works by Michael Stramiello

About Michael Stramiello

Wilmington, NC

Mike has always had a passion for art since he can remember. Growing up as a kid in Brookyn during the 80's he was always surrounded by graffiti just about everywhere he looked. Vibrant colors and crazy writing with cartoon style characters always drew his attention.
When Mike was about 7 or 8 years old, he started getting into comic books and fell in love with the art and character designs. He started emulating his favorite artists and always found himself drawing pictures from there on.
By the time he was about 10, Mike and a few of his friends had discovered how to get their hands on spray paint. It was all about getting their names in spots where you knew the other head honcho's in the neighborhood got up. Kids….
Nowadays Mike is a bit older and a father of two beautiful little girls.
Presently, he has my work displayed in Florida, NYC, PA, and a few other states in galleries, homes, and businesses.

See Michael's portfolio here

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