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The Event

The Event

Piece description from the artist

This is a fabricated scene that I constructed out of one of my many trips to the Dakotas to visit my old man. The caretaker of the farm is a widower that single handedly runs this working cow and chicken operation with the help of her 15 year old son.

The terrain is extremely rugged with huge drop offs and rolling hills. It is breathtaking scenery.

Whenever we would want to feed the calves, she would scream out "Baby!!!!" in this loud, kind of dinner bell sort of quality. Off in the distance you would hear a faint "moo", and then you literally watch as these calves would rise up over hills and then drop off back down into the troughs of the ravines until they would eventually work their way up to where we were.

The older cows would just stand there and stare at us while this whole thing was going on. The cast shadows and moon rising while the sun was still up created the idea for the title.