The Edge

Piece description from the artist

From the rugged cliff in Bermuda, the viewer can almost hear the symphony of crashing waves and the gentle whispers of the sea breeze. Standing here, feeling that you're almost on the world's edge, is why the island sometimes feels like another world, and it is why I took this photo. Staring at the distance, I hope the viewer can take in nature's masterpiece as it unfolds before them in the timeless allure of the horizon.

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About Esan Swan

London, United Kingdom

Esan Swan is a professional photographer, journalist and picture editor at the Financial Times in London. With deep roots in his community and heritage, his work seeks to represent the rich multicultural storytelling that inspired him in his youth and continues to do so now well into his career. Historical documentary photography and varying art and social movements as well as commercial interpretation of beauty have influenced his work into a contemporary style that could be called its own. Originally from Bermuda and partly raised in the United States, his international approach to storytelling, from commissioned picture essays to independent work on his website, is defined by the aesthetics of nature, design and human connections.

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