The dawning of infinity

The Dawning of Infinity

Piece description from the artist

I was inspired to make this painting through my own personal journey of spiritual discovery and growth. The cubistic yellow sun rays beam intense light down through the complementary contrast of a deeply spacious blue. As a joyful dancer leaps through the air towards the sun, the peaceful energy she emits radiates out in pristine white orbs around her, intertwining into a nuanced infinity loop. Many gradual layers of white were applied to enhance the eminence of light, and the technique of finely-blended brushstrokes lends a quiet air of surreal ambience.

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About Tiffany Davis Rustam

Los Angeles, CA

Tiffany Davis-Rustam loves to create colorful abstract paintings that conjur surrealistic expressions of emotion, and inspire deep connections to joy.

After studying Graphic Design at The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Tiffany moved to New York City to create layouts for fashion magazines. When this didn't satisfy her creative passions, a trip around the globe and a move to Hawaii inspired fresh artistic in mixed media photography and abstract painting.

Soon a move to Los Angeles prompted her to run her own eco-savvy graphic design agency, creating award-winning publications and image branding. During this time she started doing and showing nature photography & digital imagery as a hobby, which soon became replaced by painting, as a way of creating with her hands more. She starting painting so passionately in the past 5 years, that she has decided to dedicate her future to full-time art creation.

Tiffany has shown paintings at a handful of galleries in the LA area, and most recently started showing in local juried art fairs this year, 2013.

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