The bridge

The Bridge

Piece description from the artist

Inspired by a recent trip to northern California, this piece reflects the beauty of this area as well as the man made influence that lies deep in the wilderness. The paths, roads and bridges serve as a neccesity for people to enjoy these gorgeous scenes and blend into the land as works of beauty of a different kind. The deepness of the wooded hillside is highlighted only by a large patch of purple flowers at the base. The waves crashing on the rocks below creates a sense on consistent tranquility.

Other works by Clayton O'Brien

About Clayton O'Brien

Chicago, IL

Clayton's earliest artistic inspiration came from the the works of "Norman Rockwell": After seeing Rockwell's work, and studying the art and artists of our past from every school and movement, Clayton realized that anything is possible on canvas and exploring those possibilities and complexities is a rewarding, life-long process.

Throughout his experiences, Clayton has learned that if you challenge yourself with confidence, explore new techniques and reveal new avenues to express yourself…great things will happen.

Some of his pieces reflect the influence of where he grew up while others reflect the places and people that he has encountered. The artists' portfolio of work contains elements that are rooted in his range of emotional freedom expressed on canvas and his perspective of the simple beauty of the existence of life through nature, color and being.

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