The blue hills of nola

The Blue Hills of NOLA

Piece description from the artist

This colorful image is from the Garden District of New Orleans. What is it? If you look closely at the bottom of the frame, you can see a tree root.

Other works by Josh Bartok

About Josh Bartok

Somerville, MA

Josh Bartok is a Buddhist priest who has been practicing Zen for the last two decades. His photographs have indirectly arisen out of his Zen meditation. His practice involves both absorbing the richness of the present and continuously opening oneself to the world. He strives to illuminate beauty in unexpected places without judgment or commentary.

Josh has been influenced by centuries of Zen artists and calligraphers, as well as abstract expressionists such as Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, Piet Mondrian and Robert Motherwell. He likes to think of himself as an abstract expressionist painter who creates jointly with the universe with the guiding hand of the world.

Josh is currently based in Somerville, MA.

See Josh's portfolio here

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