Terra   03378

Terra _ 03378

Piece description from the artist

Terra is an art-series of soft transitions, saturated, fluid, in rejuvenating and soothing colors and glowing reflections to bring the viewer an energized feeling of calm and wellness. Terra artworks are inspired by the geology of hillsides, the flow of water and open skies, all brought into one flowing, contrast-rich, abstract piece. This Terra artwork prints up to 45 × 60 inches, and larger upon request.

Other works by Petra U. Trimmel

About Petra U. Trimmel

San Francisco, CA

Petra U Trimmel combines photography and graphic art to make stunning abstract wall-art designs and fantasy landscapes. Petra's designs span the color spectrum, some very colorful, some muted to provide a selection that will fit your interior design needs. Petra loves to experiment with a variety of looks. Shaped by her expertise in graphic art, photography and product development, Petra's art is also geared to enhance environments like hotels, workplace and healthcare-settings across the globe.

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