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Crows and ice cream. Two of my favorite things. As most of us know, crows will seize on any opportunity they can to swipe food from us. This little guy lucked out in a big way. This painting was inspired by a trip to the zoo, where I watched a crow grab a whole graham cracker from an unattended stroller and fly off with it. Pretty impressive, really.

I work for a fine art publisher, and often I salvage art materials from work that would otherwise be discarded. One of the print services my company offers is art prints on alternative substrates, such as wood, metal or acrylic. When the sales team decided to stop using the wood print samples a while ago, I acquired most of the boards and have done several paintings on the non-printed sides of said boards. Can't beat free art supplies!

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About Kamilla White

Seattle, WA

Kamilla White studied fine arts at Washington State University, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting with a minor in ceramics. She spent six months living and working in London after graduation, and eventually moved to Seattle where she began showing her work at the "Art/Not Terminal Gallery":http://www.antgallery.org/.

Kamilla has been observing the behavior of crows for a number of years and she began using crow and raven imagery in her work around 2001. She is intrigued by their keen intelligence and their intricate evolutionary relationships with human beings. Inspired and encouraged by Native American artist Betty David, Kamilla embarked upon her own adventure in small business ownership by founding "Raven Lunatic Studios":http://www.nevermorrigan.com/.

Kamilla currently maintains her studio practice in Seattle, Washington, and she plans to continue consulting the corvid community for inspiration and ideas for many years to come.

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