Swelter 2


Piece description from the artist

It is always interesting to me when I am painting and how the external environment factors along with my internal emotions all come together and work their way out on to a canvas. It is never contrived. Just somehow happens. Not easy to clearly explain the sensation. All I know is that it was a boiling hot few days and I was certainly feeling a level of frustration with certain aspects of life and somehow the colors and flows in this painting embodied all of that for me and hence 'Swelter'. This piece has really gorgeous textures and several different layers all combining together in a subtle yet very concise way. It is hard to part with my art as I fall in love however it is more joyous to me that I share with others.

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About Elizabeth Conley

Noosa, Australia

Elizabeth Conley began painting in 2004 when she was living in Melbourne, Australia and desperately needing a creative outlet. Connecting with her creativity was a surprising venture as she always considered herself the organizer behind the scenes and never the talent.

Throughout her development as a an artist, Elizabeth has found that painting can be an arduous yet worthwhile mental process and she is inspired to begin a piece by simply seeing a certain color. Elizabeth considers art essential to her everyday life and survival; it is what she needs to breathe and painting weaves its way in to her every living moment.

After living in Los Angeles, California for many years she is now based in Noosa Australia and her work hangs in several private homes and offices around the world including London, Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles.

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