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Technique does not a good artwork make, and should be learned like vocabulary of a new language is learned, as building blocks for expression. There is plenty of artwork in the galleries that pleases the eye, but like candy, it leaves the viewer hungry. The student of art learns anatomy, color theory, lighting, materials and methods, and development from a sketch to a finished piece. These tools help avoid potentially crippling frustration in the work process, but they don't substitute for the thought or expression necessary to the work of art.

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About Rebecca Meredith

Berkeley, CA

Rebecca Meredith's works can be found in many areas of a bookstore – from newspaper content, nonfiction book covers, fiction illustration, and children's picture books. Outside the bookstore, her work is also found in textile, surface pattern designs, licensed content, and in individual, gallery and corporate fine art collections.

Her current project is entitled "I am a shifting emotion," and takes joy in documenting the bizarre and unique emotional outlook of others. The individual character is shown as a closed system while the diversity of personalities suggests our miraculous potential for transformation from one moment to the next.

Awards include Top 100 Artists by Paint for America, a teaching fellowship at Mission 17, Museum purchase by Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, numerous artist residencies around the world, and a grant from The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the implementation of an arts program at an orphanage in Jalisco, Mexico. Rebecca Meredith currently resides in the California Bay Area.

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