Piece description from the artist

'Suspension' is a diptych inspired by the idea of feminizing masculinity and softening toughness.

Using images from culture, fashion, and art history magazines, this collage addresses how we choose to put a value on an image. Why do some images hold cultural worth while others remain static and inferior? This series of collages addresses our dualistic attitude, as well as the friction and space between art and life.

Other works by Claire Elizabeth Stringer

About Claire Elizabeth Stringer

St. Louis Park, MN

Claire Stringer is a Chicago-based artist who uses a variety of materials to study dualism in both personal and cultural life. Through applying her background in Art History, Stringer often responds to the notion of HIGH and LOW art, and GOOD and BAD taste. Focusing mainly in the craft of collage, she blends these divisions to create compositions that convey both tension and synthesis. Often collaborating with artists around the country via mail, her works are embedded with reminders of community and pluralism.

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