Studies in light 001

Studies in Light - #001

Piece description from the artist

This is part of an abstract experimental series called Study in Light, This is a digital light-painting, created along the beach in Nantucket at sunset. These images are straight out of camera and not manipulated in any way. Perfect for commercial spaces or spaces that need a quiet but beautiful work of art. See others in the series as these are a special collection by the Photographer.

Other works by Ramsey Bakhoum

About Ramsey Bakhoum

Beverly, MA

Ramsey Bakhoum, formally trained as an architect, is an up-and-coming fine arts photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He has permanent art installations throughout Boston, New England and Europe. His background in architecture is evident in his unique style of photography which focuses on detail, material, composition, pattern, perspective, light and shadow. He was a two-time finalist for the Rotch Scholarship competition. Ramsey graduated from the Boston Architectural College with a Thesis Commends Award and was the recipient of the John Worthington Ames Traveling Scholarship, which was the jumpstart to his photographic endeavors.

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