Stardust 2


Piece description from the artist

I finished this piece just days before David Bowie passed away. I’ve always been heavily influenced by music, and I doubt there are many people who haven’t been touched in some way by the bold individuality and screaming talent of that man. Titled in honor of one of the most colorful people to grace our planet this century, Stardust features a colorful night scene of San Francisco. Rainbows reflect off wet streets and the Transamerica building winks in the distance. This image was taken initially during a rare summer storm. My mom, grandma and I were “tourists” for the day. Usually I drive as the person in my family most comfortable and experienced with driving in San Francisco, but this time I was able to talk mom into taking the wheel for a bit so I could be a passenger. That led to this image, in which my arm is just barely visible in the car’s side mirror among water droplets. I left it in as a way of saying “I was here”… I think all artists contemplate their existence, impact and potential legacy. Losing so many musical greats this year has certainly made me wonder if anyone will enjoy my art one day after I’m gone.

Other works by Marianne Bland

About Marianne Bland

Sacramento, CA

Marianne Bland’s art career began in 1998 when she started her own mural painting business at the age of 16. She has since acquired a BFA in Painting & Drawing from the California College of the Arts and has studied abroad in Marseille, France.

Marianne's favorite subject matter is the city. She is intrigued by the urban landscape as a dense concentration of diverse, individual experiences occurring simultaneously in a public space. She often explores the city’s harmony of contradictions in colorful nightscape paintings and her biggest influences are Edward Hopper and Wayne Thiebaud.

In 2011, she was selected as a large heart artist for “Hearts in San Francisco 2012”. Marianne’s paintings have been exhibited throughout Northern California at venues including Stanford University and City Art Gallery. She currently works out of her home studio in Sacramento, California.

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