Piece description from the artist

Part of a series called “War Zones,” this painting was a direct response to the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the scare tactics of the administration and the press concerning chemical warfare. Remember? The bilious cloud settling over a defenseless population under a bruised and brutal sun may be too intense an image for most, but take away the narrative and you have an oddly successful painting very much within my groove.

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About Judith Bair

Sinks Grove, WV

Judith Bair's work deals with the connection between human life, spirituality and nature.

At the beginning of her painting career, Judith used the form of a cedar tree to anchor her work in the context of the natural world. This allowed her to begin exploring the connection between physical and spiritual sources of life. In this sense, many of Judith's paintings serve as metaphorical landscapes, using images the physical, natural world as a way to explore her figurative and symbolic ideas.

Judith works with "oilbars":http://www.winsornewton.com/products/oil-colours/artists-oilbar, which allow her to have a more direct, physical relationship with the canvas and create more gestural, expressive marks. With this medium, Judith creates soft, sensual and often ethereal paintings with poetic, organic imagery.

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