Soft Palette Rustic

Piece description from the artist

Rustic wood and colorful textures come together for good in this modern design.

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About Michelle Calkins

Holland, MI

Michelle studied art at Hope College in Holland, Michigan and graduated in 1990 with a degree in Art (Painting Concentration) and Art History. She has since become an internationally collected artist and has original pieces and prints in many corporate and private collections.

Her work emphasizes quality, integrity, and spontaneity. Since childhood Michelle found solace in the creation of art. It is a gift that she tries not to waste. Her influences are Edward Hopper, Andy Goldsworthy, ants, snails, and people who paint things on the head of a pin. Michelle is especially impressed with artists who create impermanent art, like sand painters or a musician who creates a unique piece of art each time he sings a song. It exists for that moment and then it is gone again. Her media of choice are oil painting, sculpture, and photography. In her art, the three disciplines borrow from each other making each one stronger.

Having been a professional picture framer since 1990, the presentation aspect of the art world is always on her mind. Co-owning Four Corners Framing Company in Holland, Michigan since 1999 has afforded her a front row seat to many types and styles of art. It has been a great and constant inspiration while also, she says, keeping her on her art toes.

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