So Long, Earth

Piece description from the artist

"Honey, let's start a new life on Mars."

Lauren Williamson's "Space Life" series of silkscreen prints explores a whimsical vision of life away from Earth. This futuristic concept is contrasted by retro-style images and colors. In this piece, titled "So Long, Earth," a 50's era couple drives off towards Mars in a vintage convertible car.

Other works by Lauren Richardson

About Lauren Richardson

Minneapolis, MN

Lauren Alane Williamson is a graphic designer and artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the owner of Lauren Alane Design LLC. She has been drawing, doodling, and designing ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon, and she turned this passion into a career in 2017, after graduating from Bethel University with a BA in Graphic Design.

Lauren's whimsical work is inspired by wildlife, outer space, and humans' relationship with the Earth. Space travel and life on other planets are common themes in her work. She enjoys juxtipositioning the everyday with the surreal to create playful and otherworldly scenes. Lauren works in a variety of mediums, including silkscreen, drawing, watercolor, and digital painting.

Besides art and design, Lauren has a huge passion for animals and animal rescue. Her hairless Chinese Crested dog, Finnick, can often be found sitting on her lap as she works. Lauren is the author of "Saving Foxes: Portraits of Rescued Foxes and Their Stories," written to bring awareness and raise funds for foxes rescued from fur farms.

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