Snow turning to rain 5

Snow Turning to Rain 5

Piece description from the artist

Willy Bo Richardson received an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute in 2000. He is a faculty member at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and exhibits his paintings internationally.

Richardson states:

Some of my paintings are likened to lines from a Haiku poem. I practice an artistic discipline with minimal structure. My paintings are pared down to only the essentials—making each passage of color, or even brush-stroke, count. Matsuo Bashō, one of the four great masters of Haiku, has been an inspiration for decades. One may ask how is it that poetry or painting, can be an environmental practice? For me, painting is the practice of learning my place, taking part in, only doing my part, while learning to give voice to what's greater. I am a skier, hiker and nature enthusiast. I also sought guidance from Taoist and Native teachers – who have imparted the concept of reciprocity. Reciprocity comes with gratitude as well the confidence to ask the question, "can we give back?" I am slowly learning to stand on my own two feet and let the feedback loop guide and nourish, whether letting go in nature or letting go in my studio practice.

The "Snow Turning to Rain" series is framed as the middle line of the three stanza poem structure. 

Other works by Willy Richardson

About Willy Richardson

Santa Fe, NM

Willy Richardson lived and worked in New York City for a decade, where he immersed himself in the international art scene, earning his M.F.A. in painting from Pratt Institute in 2000.

In 2011 Richardson's work was included in “70 Years of Abstract Painting” at Jason McCoy Gallery in New York, which assembled works by modern and contemporary painters, including Josef Albers, Hans Hofmann and Jackson Pollock. In 2012 he exhibited a body of watercolors at Phillips auction house in New York. Richardson's work and vision was featured on the PBS weekly arts series ¡COLORES!. He was honored to be one of the eight SITE Santa Fe SPREAD finalists in 2014. He exhibits his paintings nationally and his work is found in prestigious collections including the Albuquerque Museum.

Richard Levy Gallery wrote: “Richardson stretches vertical bands of color so intense across each canvas that they seem to crackle like neon. Gripping the viewer, a humming field suspends the sensation of time. He has described his act of painting as a sort of meditation, a give-and-take with gravity and the universal laws that determine our experience of the physical world.”

See Willy's portfolio here

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