Piece description from the artist

These paints all contain a different level of fluidity. Each application required different drying times. The 3D element began by playing with a non toxic foam, and then began to develop a whole new dimension on the canvas. Instead of balancing the composition with negative and positive space I was now balancing the terrain as well. The work done on the clay board is done by first creating texture on the surface by scraping away the pressed clay. Then comes the first layer of paint and then comes small detail from my black sketching pen. Followed by paint again. Layers can keep building depending on the piece.

Other works by Stephanie Barkley

About Stephanie Barkley

New York, NY

Stephanie Barkley is a 2D sculptor. Her work has been displayed at shows like, "Against the Grain" at Aesthetic Art Gallery in Chicago, "Olde Town Art Festival," and "Around the Coyote." It has also appeared in national television programs and commercials, one being the action packed "Leverage" on TNT. In addition to freelancing full-time, she works as an art director and scenic painter to further develop her abilities as an artist. She currently resides in New York City.

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