Skeletal bagan

Skeletal Bagan

Piece description from the artist

Bagan, the first capital of Myanmar, is to this day home to more than 2,000 temples and stupas built from the 11th to 13th centuries. This image of one of Bagan's temples, with the temple made translucent and sky an unnatural color, is meant to evoke the deep but ephemeral history of this magical historic city.

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About Chris Buchman

Washington, DC

Chris is a globe-trotting photographer cum educator and human rights activist who has spent the past several years working with North Korean refugees and bicycling across Asia. He's been to 45 countries, lived in five of them, and spent eight of the past twelve years abroad, with his camera always at the ready.

From amazing himalayan landscapes to the hustle and bustle of asian mega-cities, to the grime and grit of urbanity in developing countries, Chris seeks to make beautifully compelling images of everyday occurrences in our rapidly shrinking world.

He is influenced by formalism, photojournalism, and the built environment, so you'll find that his work demonstrates a unique combination of compelling composition, content, and attention to detail.

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