Sisters 5


Piece description from the artist

This is one of my favorite watercolor paintings. I was talking with my sister Suzy in June 2020 and she wasn’t feeling well that day. After the call, I decided to do a watercolor from photos of when all three of us sisters were together at Fernandina Beach two years earlier. I created the composition from several photos since each photo had just two sisters. My sister Suzy (in the middle) passed away in August from cancer about two months after I finished this painting but I am so happy she was able to see it!
A funny thing that makes me smile still is that morning before we went to the beach, we all came out to the hallway dressed in black & white and started laughing!

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About Candy Witcher

Chesterfield, VA

Candy Witcher received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from the University of New Hampshire. She was the first Drawing major to graduate from UNH and her senior thesis was a self-portrait drawn with silver point. The medium silver point is a very unforgiving drawing medium that helped her to refine her drawing skills.

Candy comes from a very artistic family – her mother, uncle, aunt and both sisters are all artists! She considers drawing to be the most important artistic skill to master. She has found the artistic process to be a wonderful outlet for her self-expression, creativity, and imagination. The process of creating art keeps her focused and improves her problem solving skills.

Candy also enjoys working with watercolor and pastels. The main focus in her watercolor and/or pastels artwork is the effect of color, light & shadows and interesting colors in reflections. Other subjects she enjoys drawing and painting are portraits, animals, architectural structures (barns, doorways, etc), landscapes and spring flowers & blossoms.

Candy participates in several art shows each year and has won several awards for her work. She submits entries to various juried art shows throughout the United States and often has requests for commissioned paintings and/or drawings. Candy teaches drawing and watercolor on the weekends, and she enjoys seeing the weekly progress of her students' artwork as they learn new techniques.

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