Sister rocks

Sister Rocks

Piece description from the artist

The woods of Maine are littered with granite boulders, as if some giant with holes in her pockets strode across the land, leaving lakes where her feet stepped and dragging hills to and fro in an effort to get comfortable sleeping at night. Each stone presents a story, each configuration a new dynamic, shaping the space surrounding with unspeakable force. These behemoths become homes, fortresses, gardens, obstacles, confidants, companions. Situated along a favorite woodland path frequented by family and friends, these two guardians have stood watch over the tiny stream that runs through the valley and into a nearby lake. They have hidden lynxes, owls, and countless tiny creatures, and continually provide joy and comfort to all who encounter their gentle, yet monumental presence.

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About Marcis Curtis

St. Louis, MO

Marcis Curtis is an American artist living in St. Louis, Missouri. He holds a B.A. in international relations from The Colorado College, and has received a powerful, yet informal, education in design and art-making through his friends and colleagues. He is interested in the dynamism that arises when art intersects with other practices. Marcis shoots photographic images, draws, paints, sculpts, and learns constantly. Currently, he is creating art that activates space and engages viewers, challenging them to stop, experience a moment of wonder, and ask questions.

Curtis, who has shown work nationally and sold internationally, was selected for the Dean's Award for Artistic Excellence at the University of Maine for his photography. He is inspired by artists such as "Andre Cartier-Bresson":, "Gerhard Richter":, "Alex Grey":, "Mars 1":, "Jeff Soto":, and many others.

For Marcis, art-making is problem solving. Commissions are particularly enjoyable, giving him a new puzzle to work out.

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