Shes a firecracker

She's a Firecracker

Piece description from the artist

I always called my only daughter my little firecracker when she was young. A firecracker may seem small and unassuming, but so much beauty blooms forth from inside. She loves blowing dandelions, because just like firecrackers, there's a lot of beauty in there. It's about finding the unexpected moments that make life magical, even when it doesn't look like any magic is around.

Other works by Beth Engel

About Beth Engel

Montgomery, AL

Imagine a world where fairies are responsible for dewdrops, dandelion dance to the songs of the wind, and bugs use mushrooms as beach umbrellas. Beth Engel sees that world and captures it in her photographs. It didn't start out that way though; it all started with capturing sweet smiles on the playground and toes in the sand. Beth's two children then inspired her to see the magical world around us, the way they do. Every picture has a story behind it and every title has a meaning which offers a truly fairy-tale like experience.

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