Sf moma

Passing by the SF MOMA

Piece description from the artist

I walked this alley so many times while living in San Francisco. The San Francisco Museum of Art was a place I would stop in frequently just to say hi to some of my favorite pieces of art inside. One overcast day I captured a photograph of this alley for my own personal enjoyment and as soon as I looked at the photo it I had an Edward Munch “Scream” like moment: a feeling of greater emotion. A photo would not capture this; it needed to be painted.

Other works by Virginia T Coleman

About Virginia T Coleman

Denver, CO

Virginia T Coleman’s lifeline has many layers yet one goal: a journey of self-discovery. A continual, persistent, passionate examining and questioning into the nature of the human condition and the built environment. Her work is multi-faceted, rich in diversity yet linked by her voice resonating through it all.

Architecture and the spaces we inhabit is a realm of her exploration. The built environment delineates how we live, how we perceive ourselves; it is the foundation for interaction. Space is where ideas dwell, love is found and lost and where life begins and ends.

These explorations fuse into her more conceptual three-dimensional steel pieces.

See Virginia T's portfolio here

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