Selfie time

Selfie Time

Piece description from the artist

No, it’s not me taking a selfie, I was waiting for 5+ minutes for the endless selfie session and decided that it was actually nice to leave the person in the image for scale…
Last week I was honored again to have the opportunity to photograph “The Wave”. Call it modern times, the signs of the times, etc… The biggest difference (aside from the heavy rains this particular day) was that the vast majority of the people there were more interested in taking selfies than actually photographing or enjoying the Wave (or that how they enjoy things nowadays). Well, at least they are in the wilderness hiking…

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About Danilo Faria

Tucson, AZ

Danilo Faria grew up in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and developed a love for photography at a young age.

As an artist, Danilo's mission is to provide edgy, sophisticated, and artistic images, and he is committed to creating a dynamic, unique and modern look with digital photography. He loves to create texture, color, surrealism, and drama in his photographs by using contemporary post-processing and "extreme exposure".

In doing so, Danilo has explored many fields of photography with an emphasis on scenic landscapes, architecture, and panoramic images. He has also expressed and developed his love for long exposure photography, as seen on his latest work. Some of his favorite locations include Arizona, Utah, Colorado, California, New Mexico, Brazil, and New York.

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