Second sight 2

Second Sight 2

Piece description from the artist

As with all of my photographs, images that look manipulated are strictly represented as they appear to my lens. The fun is in finding scenes that look unreal but are not. This series represents photographs whose subjects are works of art (usually in galleries or museums), but through the capture create a new art piece.

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About Catherine Roberts Leach

Santa Fe, NM

Catherine Roberts Leach was born in New York City, lived for many years in California, and currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She earned a degree in english literature, and subsequently co-published an award-winning, nationally distributed journal. Writing, however, was not her true calling. Later, she converted her lifetime interest in photography into another creative career and has had solo and group exhibitions in galleries across the United States, from New York to Oregon.

A self-taught fine-art photographer, Catherine focuses on mood and mystery and light and shadow. Her colorful abstract images represent straightforward facts on one hand and enigmas on the other. At times, these images can even inspire the opposite of the shock of recognition, the shock of the unrecognizable. In other areas, they can suggest a contextual mystery. Nonetheless, she shoots and presents the real world, a world neither posed nor staged. The content of her images is never manipulated even though she captures them digitally.

Although she is primarily an abstract artist, her war protest photograph, “Imagine,” appeared on the front page of Yoko Ono’s website in 2008 at Ms. Ono’s invitation.

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