Seaside entangle

Seaside Entangle

Piece description from the artist

Seaside Entangle is one of the first pieces in a set of experiments with ink. I do a lot of fine line detailed ink drawings, mostly abstract but also some scenes. I also use archival art markers to deliver controlled areas of color. Creating a scene using Art Marker presents challenges unique to the medium. The markers create a hard line and don't really blend at all. However they can be layered and the colors can be bled into one another.

So the experiment – how do I create a seascape evocative of the complex patterns of color light and movement in … well … the sea? Can it be done using my beloved markers in a manner that still shouts out my style? I'm not exactly subtle with my style.

Shoreline Entangle is, to my mind, a successful experiment. The feeling of water, sky, and sand is captured, and fine line crazy patterns describe and define surf and ripples without being too literal.

Other works by Regina Valluzzi

About Regina Valluzzi

Waltham, MA

Dr. Regina Valluzzi has an extensive scientific background in nanotechnology and biophysics. She has been a scientist in the chemical industry, a green chemistry researcher, a research professor at the engineering school at Tufts, a start-up founder engaged in technology commercialization, and a start-up and commercialization consultant.

Even during periods of intense activity as a scientist, Dr. Valluzzi has always held a strong interest in the visual arts and in visual information. While she majored in Materials Science at MIT, she also obtained a second degree in music and a minor in visual studies. Visual arts have managed to permeate her technical work; during her Ph.D in Polymer Science and Engineering at UMass Amherst, she completed a thesis that required advanced electron microscopy, image analysis, and theoretical data modeling. These experiences provided the visual insight and information that now influences much of her artwork.

Dr. Valluzzi’s work has been included in private collections across the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Dubai and Malta, and in the corporate collection of "Seyfarth Shaw" Boston law offices around Boston. She has a selection of pieces on loan to the MIT Materials Science and Engineering Department as indoor public art. Her accomplishments include having published thirty articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, having made several scientific patents, having been a subject matter expert for an encyclopedia chapter, and having been invited to speak at science talks across the US, Europe, and Japan.

Her newsletter is a good source of ongoing information:

See Regina's portfolio here

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