Salinas valley

Salinas Valley, CA

Piece description from the artist

I love the way that the printed pattern of the fabric becomes the layered form of the
tree and then emerges in various places throughout the composition. It is literally and symbolically the underlying pattern of life and the place. I am interested in the way that trees show up as holy objects in religious and spiritual stories in all the religions and myths I know of. What does the tree of life look like? A burning bush?

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About Nathan Florence

Salt Lake City, UT

Nathan Florence has always loved to draw. When he was a kid, he would save his sketchbooks for doing drawings that were really good. As a result they didnʼt get used, but Nathan drew on everything else; his shoes, his pants, the door of his bedroom, and the walls. For Nathan, this wasnʼt that important as his career aspirations at the time went from being a rock star to being a reconstructive surgeon and an architect.

Florence grew up in Denver and then Salt Lake City, leaving for the east to go to college and thinking he would never be back; moving on and up. He studied engineering thinking he would be an industrial designer and loved the projects, but when Nathan found out he didnʼt need the degree to be a designer he switched his focus to a premedical track, taking art classes on the side. The design and surgery directions appeared to be roundabout ways to do art in a more practical way.

With some sage advice and a great professor and mentor, Nathan dropped the premedical studies -well into his study of organic chemistry and physics -and switched to studying art full-time. In spite of finding his inspiration in music, films and pictures for Nathan, being an artist somehow did not seem like it was a valid career choice. Nathan currently lives and works in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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