Safe in your hands

Safe In Your Hands

Piece description from the artist

The model for this painting greatly inspired this peice. At the time she was pregnant, she was maybe not in the best place in her life to be so. She was younger, her boyfriend was in college, it was not at all a planned pregnancy. However, she, her boyfriend, and both of their familys came together to make the absolute best of an unforseen circumstance. They all worked-and still are- as one large family unit to take care of her and thier unborn child. It was a beautiful thing to be able to witness. In many cases, such an unscheduled pregnancy could have been very difficult for both the mother and the chlld. In this instance, my friend and her baby could not have been more safe or protected if they had been in someone elses womb.

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About Katherine Blackwell

Charlotte, NC

Katherine (aka Katie) Blackwell (aka Ghant) is a local Charlotte, NC artist. She paints in acrylics and oils, and creates commissioned portraits, surreal figures, and abstract/ impressionist home decor pieces.

She lives, and somehow paints, with two children, a dog, a nursing career, and an awesome husband that make all this happen.
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