Sad Woman in the Tree

Piece description from the artist

Missing an old girlfriend, not having a job, living in a new area… I felt compelled to make something really emotional to show how I felt. The girls represents my old love, the tear is the loss of love, the texture signifies how rough and varied life's direction can be.

Other works by Trent Jacobs

About Trent Jacobs

Westminster, CO

Trent Jacobs considers himself to be a freestyle artist, working with canvases, photoshop, and paper. He specializes in "Sharpie": oil-based paint pens, ballpoint pen, "Micron": pens, and pencil. As an artist, Trent is committed to using a wide variety of materials and creating unique, diverse work.

As a result, all of his pieces are inventive and unconventional, often focusing on the darker, more sinister side of his imagination. Trent currently lives and works in Westminster, Colorado.

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