Piece description from the artist

California's state capitol is a city containing more than just the capitol building.
Sacramento is a city with a rich and diverse history that is caught between two worlds.
Living in the shadow of both San Francisco and Washington DC while standing as a beacon in the generally rural central valley Sacramento is a tie that binds two worlds.
From city squares like this, the juxtaposition of the historical beside the modern highlight Sacramento's landscape.

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About Blake Barrett

San Francisco, CA

Blake Barrett was born and raised in the "Central Valley":, California's agricultural heartland. He studied photography in high school and early college before giving it up in an attempt to move on from childhood interests. Realizing that a life devoid of expression is a life unfulfilled, he returned to it with a passion in his late twenties.

A world traveller, Blake lived in El Salvador where he learned Spanish. He has also travelled to Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Canada, England, Scotland, The Netherlands and France.

Blake considers himself to be a Renaissance man who enjoys photography, travel, science, yoga and tea.

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