Reykjavik no10

Reykjavik no.10

Piece description from the artist

This piece is from a continuing body of work created as a result of spending a month in a remote section of northern Iceland during an artist residency fellowship I was awarded in 2013. I was struck by how cool and calm the light is in that section of Iceland, and this abstract really reflects that reaction. The light was so white and crisp that, upon returning to Boston at the end of the month, I was blinded by yellow sunlight as I emerged from the airport! It took my eyes a few days to make the adjustment back.

Other works by Peter Roux

About Peter Roux

Pawtucket, RI

Peter Roux is a full-time painter and printmaker working in the Providence, Rhode Island area. He has been working actively as an artist in and around the Boston area for over ten years.

Peter works primarily in oils, charcoal, "encaustic": and "monotype": Although he considers himself to be a landscape painter, he also works with abstract imagery and is especially interested in distance and edge. Peter explains, “The development of any particular space in a painting sets up distances: between the viewer and subject as well as between formal elements and information points within the subject. I’m interested in exploring this type of depth, not as an exercise in identifying specific places, but instead as a way to create environments that move deeply back and forth. As art is about relationships, edges play a critical role in the art object.”

In both Peter’s representational work as well as his abstracts, edges become an integral element in the dynamic; indicating starts, stops and rhythms, as well as the expansion and contraction of forms against each other. In his landscape work, edges are often blurred and less distinct and forms blend toward and into each other, sometimes suggesting movement.

Peter is an Artist Member and Member of Loaning Artist Program, The DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, Massachusetts.

See Peter's portfolio here

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