Reporting for duty

Reporting for Duty

Piece description from the artist

I took this photo from an overpass that is behind the Kansas City Post Office in downtown Kansas City. It was a rainy day, the dreariness added to the grey of the photo. The colors are original. What caught my eye was the single blue mailbox mixed in with a military style formation of grey and white.

Other works by Benjamin Sloma

About Benjamin Sloma

Collinsville, OK

Benjamin Sloma is a photographer from Joplin, Missouri. He’s been taking photographs professionally for over three years and he has become a very important member of the local artist community. During this time, his art has been exhibited at the "Koka Art Gallery": and the "Rose Gallery":

His first dedicated gallery show took place in December of 2011, when the "Arts Council of Barton County": invited him for a solo exhibition. After that, he was selected for a one-man show at the P.E.O Foundation Art Gallery at "Cottey College": in February of 2012. Since then, Benjamin’s work has been featured in several magazines, including “Show Me”:, “Missouri Life”: and “Kansas City’s Home and Garden":

Benjamin currently lives and works in Collinsville, Oklahoma.

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