Remember vii horizontal

Remember VII {Horizontal}

Piece description from the artist

Poetic Art Statement: Remember the Peace, Remember the Love, Remember the Oneness – Remember. Eco-Friendly Crushed Stone from Italy with handmade international recyclable mediums heavily layered under the Oil with Silver, Bronze, and Gold natural metallic earth pigment accents. Also, featuring Tiffany Blue Aqua / Teal tones.

Other works by Michele Morata

About Michele Morata

Rancho Santa Margarita , CA

Michele Morata’s talents have drawn her into many forms of painterly expression over the past 20 years, but her style is always contemporary, transitional and unique. Working with water-based oils and over 150 imported organic texture mediums, she considers herself an ‘eco friendly’ artist in relation to most of her artwork series.

Michele feels passionate about her study of the meditative quality of nature and observations as they relate to earth, wind, water, and sky. Her love of colors, natural space, and nature elements inspires her to produce ethereal contemporary abstract / modern original artwork. These intuitive one-of-a-kind unique paintings combine her love of tranquility with emotional release.

Michele's paintings are featured in fine art galleries, private and corporate art collections, as well as movie sets, TV shows/commercials, and book covers. Currently, she is under (3) museum reviews.

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