Releasing Doves

Piece description from the artist

Always look over your shoulder before releasing doves.

I know what youre thinking. These paintings are funny and ascetically different, and perhaps that is why they appeal to a large audience, but what are we going to tell those bearded academic types that ask so many questions about the history of paintings. Well dont worry about it because I can quickly explain why these paintings are important to the continuing lineage of painting.

First off, pop art has already been accepted as a form of fine art and like all trends it pops up every two decades. When it started in the 1960s American pop art was dealing for the most part with the new idea of a media icon. This was largely influenced by the outburst of publishing and television that made repeated images common to the public for the first time. When pop art returned in the 80s it sucked. This is because it became a social commentary on the effect that 30 years of advertising had done to our society, boo. Now it has been 20 years and pop art is due for its return, because it is the only form of art the can express what it is to live in the information age were everything is online and quickly accessible. Images from 50 years can still be readily found on google and reinterpreted for this day and age as easily as an image from 20 years ago. As easy as it to find these images it is also just as easy to combine them to tell stories. This leaves the door wide open for a million mash ups of icons from different generations into humorous narratives. If you want a buzz word for what this mass up is called you can use Iconic Play, I do and it sounds alright. The other relevant topic to the information age is that anyone can become famous. Oh, so you have heard of reality TV. Well the same is true with the internet; anyone can put their picture out there to be added to this image stew that is being brewed. So just like the internet you can have Joe Nobody next to Marilyn Monroe, and maybe they can do something funny together.

This is where my paintings come in to the lineage. All the images are found on google image search and traced together to make a humorous narrative, or gag if you prefer. They work as paintings because the paintings are an extension of my personality, I am funny, or so they say, and when asked what the audience is supposed to get form them the answer is a laugh and a good time. As it should be.

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About Gavin Bunner

Los Angeles, CA

Gavin was born in Peoria, Illinois and went on to get his degree in fine art at Illinois State University. He now lives in Los Angeles, where he's been part of numerous group and solo shows. His work was featured in "New American Paintings": in 2006 and again in December 2011.

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