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Red Path

Red Path

Piece description from the artist

Most of my pieces start in the middle of the paper and go in a specific direction. This time I decided to leave the center open and have all the details come from the corners. I used one color (Adirondak Red Pepper). The plan was to use at least one other color, but this turned out so beautiful that I left it as is. I created details using an airbrush by adding alcohol and then moving the ink around, making sure not to have the colors meet in the middle. I wanted there to be an open path. Instead of a focal point in the center the focal points are in two corners. I guess the negative space of the white creates its own focal point. It leads the eye from one corner to the other.

This one sort of reminds me how we live in the United States today. There are two distinctly opposing sides that are not meeting in the middle. We aren’t understanding each other and we’re even trying to. I think if we found more middle ground, we’d be a more unified people. We tend to focus on our differences rather than celebrating what makes us unique and celebrating this and learning. If we combined who we are with what we learn about someone else, we could have such a rich and thriving melting pot of culture. But I have faith in humanity. I believe we will find a way to come together. Some day … ?

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8.5" x 11.0"
alcohol ink

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