Piece description from the artist

I found this huge moth flying around a truck-stop when I was on a road trip to drop off paintings to a gallery in Knoxville, TN. After chasing it around for what seemed to be forever, it finally stopped on sat on the mud-flap of a semi. Like a good little model, it waited there for me to get great reference photos of it. As soon as I was finished, it flew off with a wing-span of a large bird.

I was so excited to capture a creature I had never seen before. So, I dedicated the title of the piece to my first moth painting: Recoup. I call it that because I chased it around so long that it finally had to lay somewhere to rest and recoup before flying away from a crazy artist that was tormenting him.

This piece comes mounted in a handsome, large antique gold frame. With beautifully distressed and tarnished areas.

Other works by Anthony Granato

About Anthony Granato

Gainesville, FL

Anthony Granato has self-diagnosed ‘Art ADD.’ He describes it as an intense love for all art; painting, photography, drawing, print-making, sculpting and digital graphics. He would call his own work mixed media, though he truly considers himself a painter.

Granato is a Utah native and attended Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR, earning a BFA in Illustration with a split minor in Graphic Design and Painting. He says his 'Art ADD' began at the age of 5, when his childhood doodling was influenced by lessons in perspective from his father. Dichotomies are especially important to the foundation of Anthony's work, with old and new, beautiful and ugly or good and evil all being fused physically and conceptually into the pieces.

Anthony’s work has been featured in "In This Week Magazine":, "The City Weekly Magazine":, and the "Salt Lake City Tribune":

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