Rainbow Foliage

Piece description from the artist

I was hiking one day in the Blue Hills Reservation in Massachusetts when I happened upon this most beautiful grouping of trees reflected in a pond. I couldn't decide whether I was shooting foliage or a rainbow. I'll let you decide.

Other works by Alison Gould

About Alison Gould

Somerville, MA

Born in October, Alison Gould is a hopeless Libra who has spent her life trying to balance it all: the good and the bad, the harsh and the delicate, the serious and the playful. Although captivated at times by a beautiful tree or a rolling landscape, much of Alison’s work is an exercise in the contrast of theme: how to find the beauty within a cityscape of grit, how to abstract an ordinary scene into a soft palette, or how to highlight the quirks of life within our regimented world.

Inspired by a trip to Serbia with a group of photographers in 2009, Alison has been taking photos both internationally and locally ever since. Her photography meanders from far away trips to Iceland, Tanzania, and Mexico, to the nearby avenues and streets of New York and Boston. Initially trained as an architectural preservationist, architectural themes and details recur in some of her work, but new experiences and views have led to an ever-evolving portfolio that includes not only architectural abstractions, but has amounted to a collection of street art and graffiti, hearts, unexpected views, and of course, the occasional tree. Some of Alison’s newer work includes collages and montages of these collections.

When she is not behind the lens, Alison can be found teaching Spanish to sometimes curious, sometimes unruly, but mostly lovely middle school students.

See Alison's portfolio here

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