Piece description from the artist

A foggy wildflower meadow. Tranquil zen nature photography. More than 20% of wildflowers are in the Sunflower family.

Other works by Olivia Stclaire

About Olivia Stclaire

Westerville, OH

Olivia Joy's love of nature and passion for photography are intertwined, resulting in happy landscapes and modern botanicals. Recently, she has expanded her creative pursuits to include watercolor/ acrylic painting, printmaking, and collage. She has spent time at artist residencies in 2018-2021 where she learned new art forms and taught workshops. Inspiration comes from immersing herself in wild places and practicing mindfulness where she sees everyday objects in beautiful new ways. Her favorite recent travels have taken her to Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Florida, Maine, and Michigan. Olivia Joy's work has appeared in Anthropologie, Minted, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Papyrus Cards, Target, on book covers and on walls of homes and businesses around the globe.

See Olivia's portfolio here

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