Queens pond

Queens Pond

Piece description from the artist

I saw the way the light was shining through the raft when we were hanging out. This lead me to run all the way up a giant hill a couple minutes away to capture this shot. We were on a very desolate beach in Kauai and this pond was called "Queens Pond". We were almost the only people there, it was absolutely beautiful.

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About Kelly Nicolaisen

Point Richmond, CA

Kelly Nicolaisen is known for her vibrant and colorful photography, design, and collage work. It is her goal to provide a little slice of life with a touch of humor in all that she creates. As owner of the eclectic Mom & Pop Art Shop in Point Richmond, CA, she helps to promote all types of artists, dreamers, and makers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Her fine art photography is sold worldwide, while she also offers graphic design, professional printing, and event photography services.
Kelly and her family reside in the SF East Bay, where many of her works are created. Her surroundings provide a vast wealth of inspiration, while her fun and exciting personality shows through in everything she does.

Kelly Nicolaisen offers her originals, hand-signed and printed on the absolute highest quality metal. Made by infusing dyes directly into aluminum, HD metal prints are a modern way to display your art, with a beautiful vibrancy and luminosity. They are lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and can be displayed without framing or placing behind glass, with their recessed back with wire and cleat.

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