Purple Turquoise Abstract 32222

Piece description from the artist

Purple and Turquoise abstract is a fun and modern piece with a bit of a mood. The piece was created using alcohol inks in a fluid art method. Perfect as a stand alone piece and is sure to make a statement.

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About Melissa Herz

Auburn, AL

An Auburn, Alabama based artist, Melissa Herz, who goes by Herzart in the art world, is known for her vivid and free-flowing alcohol ink abstract work. Melissa is passionate about seeing the world and the nature around her. Combining organic movement found in all of her surroundings with living colors she created a modern twist on natural elements.

The most asked question that Melissa gets is what is your medium and what kind of process do you use to create your art. The answer is, she uses alcohol inks. Inks are a tough medium to work with and take patience and understanding of your materials. The inks are similar to watercolors and the inks are diluted by alcohol just as watercolors are diluted when combined with water.. The fluid art process evolves daily and so do her methods. For the most part alcohol is dripped or placed on the substrate and combined with alcohol to break it down and then she moves the ink by many methods including but not limited to air, paintbrush, airbrush, and heat. She also uses many layering and splattering techniques to get the effect she wishes to have.

Melissa has done shows and exhibits within the United States. The greatest accomplishment in her artistic career is that she has sold art to thirteen different countries and counting. Seeing different people and cultures enjoying her art conveys that art connects the hearts and People around the world. Herz means Heart in German and from this was created the concept of Herzart.

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