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Prospect Park Blossoms

Prospect Park Blossoms

Piece description from the artist

Spring time is a fresh start of youthful rejuvenation, new every year. It is amazing when the trees blossom and do their "tree thing."

Prospect Park has been a constant source of inspiration for me. In this particular piece, I was aiming to paint something I felt was impossible to paint. The overlap and repetition of the blossoms almost defied strict representation. There is no way to paint every single blossom, every single leaf, every single branch. You have to find a way to paint the essence of a tree without painting everything. The second hardest aspect of this painting was matching the red / pink color of the flowers. I didn't expect to have trouble with that.

I included a runner, as this magnolia tree is along side the top of the largest hill along the running course in Prospect Park.

I didn't know it was a magnolia tree when I painted it. At the time I didn't know the difference between magnolia trees and cherry trees, so in a way I painted my way into knowing about them. Now I recognize that the blossoms appear earlier each year by a week or so. In 2017, the magnolias barely had a proper blossoming due to warm weather in the winter. Is it possible that a fully blossoming magnolia tree can become a rarity in the future? I hope that is not the case.