Piece description from the artist

Painting gives me a visceral experience of the world and access to an alternate landscape where color, shape, and movement convey meaning outside the realm of the literal.

I work intuitively, inviting ready insight, but pushing away rational thought and interference. Painting is an opportunity to move beyond the constraints of the rigid, thinking mind and into a state where spontaneity and reflex dictate my course. The paint I apply layer by layer, the forms that emerge, the areas I obscure and then scrape away- this is a process whereby a new world is formed and the unpredictable revealed.

It’s my goal that through communion within the more broadly interpretive scope of this abstract realm, my work offers a respite from our habitual way of interfacing with the world, encouraging people’s examination of the forces that govern perception and experience. May these images evoke unexpected associations and inspire the viewer's own contemplative musings.

Other works by Mara Safransky

About Mara Safransky

Portland, OR

​Mara is a Portland, OR-based artist working in paint and pastel. Her practice is fueled by a desire to offer viewers engagement with the evocative qualities of color, shape, and texture.

After growing up in the rural mountains of North Carolina and earning a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, Mara moved to Los Angeles and began her professional art practice on a large easel in a small studio apartment. Since that time, her work has been shown in New York and Los Angeles, acquired by private collectors, and sold by interior design-focused retailers.

Mara describes her heavily-layered oil paintings as occupying the space between abstract expressionism and color-field painting. She sees each as an invitation into a freely-associative experience, one she intends open the door to interpretation and reflection, in an ever-evolving conversation between artwork and viewer.

More of Mara's work can be found on her main website, ​​​

See Mara's portfolio here

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