Prague astronomical clock

Prague Astronomical Clock

Piece description from the artist

Completed in 1410 AD, Prague astronomical clock in Czech Republic is the longest working clock of its kind in the world. Four figures at the top which move at the top of each hour represent the things most hated at that time. Vanity is represented by man holding mirror looking at himself at top left, then greed by man holding bag of gold, death by the skeleton top right followed by figure playing an instrument representing lust!

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About Payam Nashery

Orange, CA

If the pen is mightier than the sword and a picture is worth a thousand words, then let peace and unity reign through pictures and arts! – Payam Nashery

Payam’s Educational background is in Aviation, Engineering and Management. While he has taken collage level classes as well as specialty courses focusing on photography and art, he continues to learn and expand his horizons through self-education in photography … the journey continues.

Payam has lived on three different continents prior to his 28th birthday and considers that exposure to different cultures and people as a type of education one can’t get at any university. He believes while importance of education in Math and Sciences are well emphasized in today’s world, it is through the Arts and cultures that people of different background can come together and open doors to peace and understanding. He hopes his photography can bring people closer to nature and each other and serves the purpose of oneness of mankind.

Love of outdoors, nature, hiking and travel has produced great opportunities for photography while his training as a pilot and joy of flying has created a unique perspective and great views from the air! Love of nature compels him to capture it as pure as he can and he believes the best his art can achieve is to raise awareness of natural and environmental preservation.

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