Power plant

Power Plant

Piece description from the artist

The iconic neoclassic architecture of the Pratt Street Station Power Plant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor harkens back to a time of electric street cars and the power of steam. Accented by colorful neon lights, the red brick and blue hour capture celebrate this classic structure.

Located on Pier 4, the building has been repurposed many times since it retirement in 1973 as an active power station. Currently the building supports a mixture of restaurants and shops linking the modern Baltimore with a bit of its industrial past.

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About Eric Hagemann

Aurora, CO

My goal is to create photographs that inspire and cause the viewer to wonder. By blending light and shadow with the element of time, the simple camera can isolate and frame experiences and views not readily appreciated with the human eye. Ideally a photograph should tell a story of a moment or a generation. A photograph should leave the viewer wanting to know more and force them to create their own interpretation and end to the story.

I use various techniques to recreate, tailor and emphasize the scene as I experienced it when I captured the image. While many eschew post processing, I find it a natural extension of recreating the vision of the moment.

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