Portrait 12

Portrait 12

Piece description from the artist

I drafted a manifesto once that outlined vague "rules" in painting, such as: do not use white pigment until the final layer (I've since X-d out this one); when blending turns to unconscious muddy-ing, hit it strike it and drip it (the gung-ho enthusiasm can take a back seat but I'll still share a ride with it); etc.

The manifesto served its purpose, but has become historical— because I've moved on from essential rules, and believe more in a dynamic system. It was once disheartening that I lacked imagination, but now I’m quite settled in that regard: I like what I see in front of me.

Other works by Winston Chmielinski

About Winston Chmielinski

Quincy, MA

Winston Chmielinski (b. 1988 in Boston, MA) engages with painting through organic dissolutions and reconstitutions of the figure. Forms forego their contours, suspending Chmielinski's paintings out of narration and into insistence—of paint, of presence, and of perception.

Following a decade of critically acclaimed solo presentations in EU and US, inclusion in the 2013+2017 Venice Biennales, and spotlights at VOLTA NY, The Armory Show NY, Liste, and Positions Berlin, Winston now helms a creative studio in Berlin and is preparing a new body of work, to be released in 2023.

See Winston's portfolio here

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