Ponte vecchio tramanto

Ponte Vecchio Tramanto

Piece description from the artist

John Huewe photographs the pastel sky over the Ponte Vecchio Tramanto in Florence, Italy. Capturing the stunning, vivid colors in the sky within a dramatic composition, Huewe creates a striking, beautiful portrait of Florence.

Other works by John Huewe

About John Huewe

Clovis, CA

John Huewe is an award-winning and published photographer. Born and raised in the countryside of California's San Joaquin Valley, he started off with a "110 camera":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/110_film, given to him by his parents. Taking photos eventually developed into an interest, and then a passion. A deep passion for finding and capturing the elegance of nature as well as the beauty in man's creations. He sees the world not only as objects but the way light and shadow intertwine with their environment and at patterns both designed and random. These are what inspire him to create his work, and share with the world the artistry he sees.

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